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Russ’ Favorite Online Travel Type Surveys

Where should you spend your next vacation?
What’s your dream vacation spot?
What camp would you go to?
Which holiday character are you? Pretend it is carefully pondering your travel type as it slowly tallies your travel profile Use the dials to select your travel preferences and see which destinations are best for you A simple survey that how it calculates your travel type

Honeymooners Survey Try this survey to narrow down your ideal Honeymoon destination


What City Best Matches your Travel Type? This fun survey is as visual as Pinterest and is one of our favorites


For a comprehensive assessment of your travel type

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How to Be a

Frugal Traveler Practical and timely budget travel advice for lesser known destinations Click ‘Travel Motoring’ for budget travel tips Shows you places you can visit for free in the U.S. and Australia

Knowledgeable Traveler The mere mention of a place by Lonely Planet can result in floods of visitors flocking to previously unknown locales Since Arthur Frommer's 1957 book ‘How to travel Europe on $5 a day,’ Frommer's now offers hundreds of guidebooks. Their website has a wealth of trip ideas, tips, tools and chat forums. If you read Arthur's original book, make sure you factor in inflation

First Class Traveler Find hotel deals for as much as 40% off published rates. Just know that deals posted next to ads from Dom Perignon and Waldorf Astoria may still cost $200-$300 a night Devoted to corporate and luxury business travelers so you can finally get that plane for the price of a mortgage

Cultured Traveler This magazine inspires and helps travel bugs tap into local culture, connect with people and grow from those experiences 

Resourceful Traveler Get a $50 pound travel voucher when you subscribe which covers the cost of the subscription. The website offers a 10% discount on travel products or services you buy through affiliated providers

Lifestyle Travelers Learn about destinations, camping recipes, the best vehicles, equipment and gear to consider Get updates about new ships, the best carriers, marvelous routes and great deals For RV travelers and those considering an RV trip 

Find Yourself - Explore your Travel Options Loaded with information. Its like getting lost in as a bookstore Where travelers post profiles on where they have been and recommend where to go and what to do Select a city and Viator will show you the best things to do there This website is a free guidebook to the world