Where to Find the Best Travel Deals


This Trip Advisor Survey
shows one in three travelers expects to pay more to travel this year. One reason is many feel it’s just
too much work to find the best online fares. I get it, it’s akin to driving to the other end of town to save a few dollars on a fill up, and you’re just as well to pay more and save the time of endlessly scouring the web.

Truth Is: When it comes to travel, you don't need to choose between saving time or money. In fact, there are simple ways you can quickly and easily find great deals that align to your travel type.

Imagine not only having to do the research for your upcoming trips, but having to do it for everyone else as well. I routinely have to do this for dozens of cities where I am regularly asked on shows what the best deals are specific to people departing from those cities. What could easily devolve into hours of research each week takes me just 5 minutes prior to each show.  

Click Here to hear me explain how I do this in a Tampa radio interview - or continue reading for details:

To quickly and easily find the best online travel deals, I subscribe to dozens of travel newsletters that sift through thousands of online travel deals and post their favorites in their weekly newsletter. Over time, I noticed a few of these newsletters consistently impressed me every week with great deals. They are: 

Sherman's Travel issues their Top 25 Travel Deals newsletter every Wednesday to more than 3 million subscribers:

Johnny Jet issues a daily travel tip newsletter and occasionally mixes in Travel Deals such as the ones shown below:

Budget Travel issues a weekly Top Travel Deals newsletter with the 'Editor's Pick of the Week.':

Nomadic Matt
is widely regarded as one of the world's top travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt has a budget travel newsletter with a section that features 'This week's best deals.':

It takes less than 5 minutes a week to scroll through all these newsletters for deals that may be of interest to you. If nothing catches your eye, simply delete it and next week you'll get more newsletters with new deals to consider.

Social Media
Many of the best online travel deals are time-sensitive in that they are either:
  • Limited to a set number of bookings
  • Error fares (i.e.: A $250 flight accidently keyed at $25) that are corrected shortly after travel operators discover them.

To capitalize on these deals, you need to learn about them as they emerge, and act quickly before they disappear. It's unlikely that you will stumble upon these deals yourself, and fortunately you don't need to. An easy way to keep on the forefront of these sorts of deals is to follow the Facebook pages of industry leaders who specialize in monitoring 'Killer Deals.' My favorites are:

The Flight Deal

The Points Guy

 I discuss these strategies on the Maggie Linton Show on Sirius XM (
CLICK HERE and go to 2:15).

If these strategies land you great deals, leave a comment. Happy travels!

Once feeling unable to afford to travel, Russell Hannon uses lean principles to travel at a fraction of the going rate. He has been featured on CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CBS, CTV, CBC, the National Post, Around the World Travel TV and nationally broadcast lifestyle and personal finance shows.

He is also the author of amazon.ca Budget Travel #1 Best Seller ‘Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More & Spending Less’ available at StopDreamingStartTraveling.com

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Jim commented on 04-Jun-2018 07:53 AM

I recently flew from Cork, Ireland back to Edmonton. The first leg of the trip to Heathrow was on Are Lingus and on Icelandair from Heathrow on to Edmonton. The Are Lingus flight was cancelled resulting in us missing the Icelandair flights which required us to purchase new tickets. What are your thoughts about using different airlines on such a journey? Are Lingus was only responsible for getting us to Heathrow.


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