Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards 2019

According to CreditCards.com, 31 million Americans haven't changed credit cards in more than a decade - and two thirds are still using their first credit card. If this describes you, you're missing out on a bonanza of free flights, complimentary travel incidentals, VIP benefits and perks big banks dole out to entice you to sign-up to their credit cards. The latest up-and-coming benefit; an annual travel incidental credit you can apply against any incidentals fees charged to your card. 

Sign-up bonuses aren't as generous as they once were, but the sign-up incentives alone offered by the credit cards in the chart below add up to 28 free round-trip flights and a dozen free hotel stays. Every year, I earn a few free trips this way, and in the following video, I share how I did this to pull off a trip for taxes only:



To quickly find which credit cards offer the best overall value to you:

  1. Decide which benefits are most valuable to you.
  2. Filter the following list of cards down to those that offer the best combination of those benefits. (You must be a U.S. resident for the cards below. If you are Canadian click here for cards that apply to you).
Due to space restrictions in the chart, insurance benefits were not inserted. But you can review any card's insurance benefits by clicking 'APPLY' and reading the insurance benefits on their homepage:


Credit Card Annual Fee Waived 1st Year? Sign Up Bonus Points Free Checked Bag? Companion Pass? Foreign Transaction Fees Waived? Airport Lounge Access?
AMEX Delta SkyMiles Platinum
No $195 10K per $25K charged, max 20K miles yr Yes Yes $75 max Yes SkyClub $29/Visit
AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles
Yes 35K min spend 1K in 3mths Yes No Yes SkyClub access for $29
AMEX Platinum
No $550 60K min spend 5K in 3mths $200/yr travel credit No No 15mth Uber credit
AMEX Premier Rewards Gold
Yes 50K min spend $2K in 3mths $100 credit/yr *See Terms No Yes No
Barclaycard Arrival Plus Word Elite
Yes 70K min spend 5K in 3 mths No No Yes No
Barclaycard Lufthansa Miles & More
$50K min spend 5K in 3mths Yes 1 per year Yes Yes 2x/year
Barclays Hawaiian Airlines World Elite
No $99 50K min spend $3K in 3 mths Yes $100 OFF 1 guest tkt/yr Yes No
BoA Alaska Airlines Signature
No $75 30K Yes Annual pass fr. $121 Yes No
BoA Premium Rewards
No $95 50K min spend 3k in 3mths $100/yr travel credit No Yes No
Capital One Venture
Yes 50K min spend 3K in 3 mths No No Yes No
Chase British Airways Signature
No $95 100K min spend 20K in 12 mths No Yes min spend 30K/yr Yes No
Chase Ink Business Preferred
No $95 80K min spend 5K in 3 mths No No Yes No
Chase Sapphire Preferred
Yes 50K min spend 4K in 3mths No No Yes No
Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier
No $99 60K min spend 12K in 12mths FREE to check bags 1yr unlmtd need 110Kpts or 100 flights /yr Yes No
Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer
Yes 50K min spend $3K in 3mths Yes No Yes No
Chase United MileagePlus Club
No $450 50K min spend 3K in 3mths Yes No Yes Yes United Club
Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite
Yes 50K Min spend 6K in 12mths Yes - domestic flights No Yes No


Credit Card Annual Fee Waived 1st Year? Sign Up Bonus Points Free Checked Bag? Companion Pass? Foreign Transaction Fees Waived? Airport Lounge Access?
AMEX Hilton Honors
No annual fee 100K min spend 1K in 3mths No No Yes No
AMEX Hilton Honors Ascend
$95 150K min spend 3K in 3mths 1 wknd ngt/yr, 15K min spend No Yes No
Yes 75K min spend 3K in 3mths 1 FREE ngt/yr No Yes FREE premium internet
Barclays Choice Hotels Privileges Signature
No annual fee 32K (up to 4 FREE ngts) 1 FREE ngt/yr No No No
Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus
No $95 75K min spend 3K in 3mths 1 FREE ngt/yr No Yes No
Chase World of Hyatt
No 60K min spend 6K in 6mths 2 FREE ngts/yr 15K min spend No Yes No


You should also factor how many points your card earns for everyday purchases. Most cards offer bonus points for purchases made at certain stores in addition to bonus points (or point multipliers) for purchases at select restaurants, with certain travel operators and for gas.

To accelerate your points earnings:
  • Use your credit card for all everyday purchases so long as you pay off your balance each billing cycle. Otherwise, the interest you pay on outstanding balances will erode the value of points you earn. *A secret way to charge rent, tuition and income tax payments to your credit card is to pay those bills with a Plastiq account linked to your credit card.
  • Sign-up to two or more cards. I recommend traveling with two credit cards (especially when traveling alone). Leave one in your bags as a spare in case anything happens to your primary card.

To collect your sign-up bonus, you are usually required to first charge a pre-defined dollar value to your card within a set number of billing cycles. This is referred to as minimum spend, and the minimum spend requirement varies by card. Most cards that come with an annual fee require to to spend $3,000 within three months of activating your card. Prestige and business cards tend to offer more enticing sign-up bonuses, but they come with higher annual fees and higher minimum spend requirements.


Any credit card with generous benefits comes with an annual fee. Some cards waive this fee for your first year upon subscribing, but you might not know how to have this fee waived when it comes due for renewal on your card's anniversary:
  1. Call your credit card company and ask them to cancel your card.
  2. They'll try to keep you from canceling by offering to either waive your renewal fee or give you points for keeping your card active.
You should make this call every year before your card comes due for renewal - you'll be amazed how often it works!

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