Pocket Commissions When Booking Your Hotel

Do you book direct with hotels to avoid paying third party booking fees? If so, I hate to break the news that you still pay these fees even when booking direct. 

That's because hotels bake the cost of commissions they pay to third party websites (i.e.: Expedia, Priceline, Hotels.com) into their rack room rate. This is one reason fares posted by hotels are not lower than those offered on third party websites, but there are other factors...

Third party websites would go broke if they charged more than the hotels themselves for the same rooms. The reason hotels do not undercut these websites is they get a lot of business from these websites they would not otherwise get. So it's in the hotel's best overall interest to keep prices at par.

Difference between booking direct v.s. a third party:

   Commissions Loyalty Rewards 
 When Booking Direct  Hotel bakes 3rd party commission costs into room rates  Entitled to points per the chain's loyalty program
 Booking via 3rd Party  Website gets a commission from the hotel  Not entitled to points when booking via 3rd party websites

Earn Commission When Booking Your Hotel

Triphop.com splits with you the booking commissions they receive from hotels for your hotel booking. Although commission amounts vary by hotel, you can realistically get 10 - 12% of your room cost back as I did while visiting Colorado Springs:

Cash back payouts of 10% or more are hands down better value than what the top loyalty programs offer, which is 1 free night for 10 nights paid. If a 10% incentive isn't enough to sway you, Triphop.com rewards are paid in cash, whereas points offered through loyalty programs limit your redemptions to rooms within their chain and catalogue items. 


Business Travelers

If you travel for work on the company dime, book your hotel on  Triphop.com using your personal credit card, then claim those expenses for reimbursement from your company. Since Triphop.com releases your cash reward to your Triphop.com account upon checkout, you get 10% or more of the cost of a room you didn't pay out of pocket for. 

Cheers to earning commission when booking your hotel!

P.S.: If you do this, consider accessing Triphop.com via a link within this article. I earn a small commission at no cost to you, enabling me to offer free content without any ads.

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