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Find Happy Hour Specials: Get details on happy hour specials near you with pictures. *For U.S .destinations only

Yelp & Foursquare: Find nearby restaurants and read diner reviews

Tipulator: Tip the right amount every time



AllStays Camp and RV: Locate all your nearby camping and RV options. You can filter your search by location and services you require

Hipmunk: One of my favorite websites for hotels and accommodations

Hostel Hero: Download the free iPhone app to search and book from more than 19,000 budget hotels and hostels worldwide. The search function even works while offline

Hotel Negotiator: Find last minute deals with a catch - you only get the hotel name after you pay

Hotel Tonight: Get up to 70% off bookings for same-day hotel stays

ICampsites: This Eurozone app is GPS integrated so you can find the nearest campsites from more than 8,000 campgrounds



Four square: Find the right nearby place for you, keep track of where you friends go and share the places you visit with each other

Pin Drop: Use GRS markers to pin comments to places you visit for others to see. Review other people's pins to see where they were and what they did while they were there

Scout: Download a city guide and access it offline so that you can be in the know about things to do and places to see.  Use Scout for GPS navigation and take advantage of voice command functionality

Trip Advisor: This GPS enabled app finds nearby restaurants, accommodations and transportation through a search engine.  Read customer reviews and post reviews of your own

Tripso: Download this app for free offline access to tips, maps and recommendations to more than 15,000 places in over 200 countries



Gas buddy: Find the cheapest gas prices near you

Get Packed: Tell Get Packed where you’re traveling and what you’ll be doing and it will suggest what things you are likely to need for your specific trip

HopStop Transit Directions (iPad): Access detailed public transit maps, directions, station finders and schedules at more than 600 locations throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Russia

Taxi Finder: This is a great app that can protect you against taxi scams. Find legitimate taxis anywhere in the world and use the taxi estimator to get taxi fare estimates for your specific route

Uber: Setup an account with your credit card information on file and this GPS integrated app puts you into direct contact with nearby taxis and allows you to hitch a ride anytime without your wallet

Tripit: Get timely reminders that also send you copies of your travel documents just as you need them. The only negative is that you get reminders to book hotels and cars when you don’t need them



Boingo: Access hotspots worldwide for a nominal fee. Boingo has good coverage in urban areas, but may not be worth it if you’re usually in cottage country

Onavo: This app minimizes your roaming charges by compressing emails, attachments and pictures before you send them

SayHi Translate: Talk into your phone and this app repeats what you said in the language of your choice

Skype mobile: Bypass long distance phone charges by making calls online.  Take advantage of free Wi-Fi to avoid data charges

Translator with Speech: Interprets anything you say in any language you select

Wi-Fi Finder: View a map with pins showing all the Wi-Fi hotspots near you

Word Lens: Take a picture of foreign text and your phone automatically translates it to your language

Personal Translators  

IStone Travel Translation: Select from a menu of phrases and your phone will repeat it in the language of your choice


Emergency Directory  

TravelSafe Pro: Provides an international directory of emergency services and embassies


Get Organized 

Packingpro: Look no further than Packing Pro for thorough acking checklists

Simply Pack: Customizable your own packing checklists

Travel Wallet: Manage all your travel reward plans and itineraries in one place

Tripit: Covered earlier, this app gives you timely reminders and sends you copies of your travel documents when you need them. The only negative is that you get reminders to book hotels and cars when you don’t need them

Travel Briefcase: Use it to organize your documents and contacts and take advantage of the planning checklist

WorldMate: Simply send your travel documents to Worldmate's email addres and it automatically oganizes and manages your travel documents, sends you alerts and allows you to share your travel information through your social media feeds



Business Travelers 

Scan and save your receipts with your phone so you don't lose them.  From the many scanning apps, there are many that are both effective and free. The one I like is CamScanner HD. 

More Goodies

XE Currency: Compare any two currencies to get the current exchange rate
World Clock Pro: An international clock that shows all time zones

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