Take Advantage of Student Travel Programs While You Can


International Student Discount Cards For full-time students of any age Great student travel deals and resource center For International Youth Travel Cards go to: ‘Essentials > IYTC’

Group Travel (Canada)

Student Travel Websites Long term trips in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East and Europe Budget guides and advice by destination, written by students for students A volunteer organization with domestic and international student and exchanges A one-stop shop for international student cards, phones credit cards, and guidance for every step of the planning process 

Subsidized Student Travel Experiences Participate in mock UN sessions to understand how the UN works and develop diplomatic and negotiation skills. Sessions take place all over the U.S including the actual UN hall in New York

Canada Only

The Canadian government has programs to facilitate youth visas for international work, internships and semesters studying abroad. Visit for details. This conference teaches practical business skills appears to be restricted to Canadians. Apply online and if you’re selected, APEX will send you a letter to submit your faculty explaining why they should pay to send you to APEX as a University delegate