Table of Contents


Introduction - First Things First 

 FAQ - What's in it for Me? 
 Why You Need This Book 

Part I – Yours for the Taking

 1 Yes You Can    
 2 The Travel Bug, A Curious Creature   
The Machine that Changed the World   
 4 Your Seven Passports to the World

Part II – Build Your Dream Travel Plan

  5 Know Yourself  
  6 Build Your Dream Travel Plan  
  7 Food - Eat Well on Your Home Grocery Budget
  8 Accommodations
  9 Transporation: More for Less
 10 Fund Your Travels         

Part III - Live It Love It

 11 Your Wallet: What to Bring, How to Save  
 12 Keep Connected - Without the Bill
 13 Find Inexpensive Things to Do
 14 Disaster Prevention - Taking Care of Number 1
 15 Pulling It All Together

 Closing Remarks