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"This book is the ultimate Get Out Of Town FREE card! It's chock full of tips, tricks, steals and deals. Russell quiets any doubts about being able to travel more often, to better destinations, on less money without skimping on luxury. Get this book and pack your bags. You're in for a whole new adventure!"

-DANETTE KUBANDA, Emmy winning TV Producer formerly with the Oprah Winfrey Show, 2011/2012 Woman of the Year - National Association of Professional Women

"This is more than a travel book, it's a life training book that defies the cliché 'You get what you pay for." Readers will realize the pleasure that can come from intelligently maximizing the value of their travel dollar. This book will change your travel destiny."

-ARTHUR VON WIESENBERGER, Host of Around the World Travel TV

"Inexpensive travel doesn't need to be no frills. Russell has done the research and brings together tips and resources to maximize your travel dollar while doing it in style!"

-SIMON DONATO, PhD, Star of Boundless TV and founder of Adventure Science

"This is the greatest resource to save money traveling. It covers all aspects of travel and I gladly recommend it."

-TRAVEL COACH CHRIS, President, Lifetime Leisure Experiences


"Russell makes it easy for you to save time and money by pulling together great travel tips and resources into this concise quick reference manual."

-PATRICK SOJKA, Founder of and frequentflyerbonuspoints

"I wish I had this book years ago. Russell covers every angle from planning and budgeting to short-cuts, cost-saving advice and overall safety. It's a required reading for anyone looking to get more value for their travel dollar. Don't plan another trip until you read this book."

-ROD MORGAN, President, Sigma Plus Solutions Inc., Lean Six Sigma Quality Consulting

"Russell is a magician. His travel tips are staggering. We only spent a few minutes on air together and he taught us how to save thousands of dollars and how we can go to exciting places and do it on an Ultra-Economical Travel Budget."

-ED TYLL, Host of the Ed Tyll Show, Starcom Radio Network

"I'm just shocked, speechless at all the knowledge Russell has. It's like we were in travel school today. Russell talks very fast, and that's great because we want to hear it all!"

-CHARLIE LOBOSCO, Co-Host, Corporate Talk with Charlie & Eva

"You've really blown my mind away. Most of us would just go to one website to book our travel online. We just don't know there's a plethora of resources out there. We often think we got a good deal because we are told we got a good deal, but this information is incredible."

-AL COOMBS, Host, London Newstalk 1290am.

"Russell's been a big hit every time he comes on our show. Our phone lines rang off the hook with callers wanting him to repeat everything he said as they didn't write it down."

-MAGGIE LINTON, The Maggie Linton Show, SiriusXM

"Russell is fantastic and has earned his Ultra-Economical Travel title. At a party he's probably the most popular person to speak to, because he knows how to wheel and deal and do that breaking the travel barrier thing."

-Kate Delaney, Emmy-Winner and host of America Tonight with Kate Delaney

"WOW this is just phenomenal information. I am so intrigued that people have figured out these angles and ways to save money traveling. Companies need to have programmers to keep guys like Russell Hannon from taking advantage of weaknesses on their websites."

-DARYL BANK, Co-Host, Getting your Financial House in Order

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