Dodge ATM, Luggage and Foreign Transaction Fees


Credit Cards That Waive Foreign Transaction Fees 

AMEX Platinum
Capital One
Chase Ink
Chase Sapphire
United Mileage Plus

Canada: Visa
Marriott Rewards Visa


No More ATM Fees – EVER 

Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking Account (U.S. only): This account will reimburse you any third party ATM charges


Bypass Luggage Fees

1. All major airlines are affiliated with credit cards that offer travel benefits. Many of these credit cards offer a complimentary checked bag when you use the card to pay for your flight with the sponsor airline. For a list of credit cards available to you, click here and scroll down to browse credit cards with travel benefits by country and benefit type. 
2. Travel with a luggage jacket available at

3. Prioritize airlines that do not charge checked bag fees. Checked bag allowances by airline are posted at

4. Earn elite airline status or fly first class on rewards points for free checked bag benefits.

5. Many airlines only charge checked-bag fees to economy passengers. Conditions vary by airline, so before you purchase, make sure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to each specific flight.