Book - FAQ’s 

In a world flooded with travel literature that tells you where to go and what to do, here are answers to some common questions you may have before deciding to read further: 

Can this book this really help me?  

This book can help anyone who’s felt the sting of a post-holiday credit card bill or thinks they cannot afford to travel. If you’re sick of paying the going rate and looking to turbocharge your travel lifestyle, this book will change your destiny if you let it.

How much can I save?  

Just use a few tips from this book once and you will easily save 10x its cost or more. If you embrace the principles and use them to their potential, expect to:

  • Travel five times more on the same budget
  • Beat the best posted rate on every flight for the rest of your life
  • Have a handful of free trips each year 
  • Save well into five figures off your future travels

If every American used one tip from this book to save $200 on their next flight, a total of 66 trillion dollars would be redirected from the travel industry into traveler's pockets. And that's hardly scratching the surface, because you are going to save a lot more than $200, $2,000 and quite possibly more than $20,000. From these numbers, this book could trigger the greatest liberation in travel since commercial aviation and permanently change the dynamics of the travel industry.

Does it involve much work?  

No. In fact you will see immediate results by simply planning better and thinking differently. The more advanced and complex strategies are laid out in simple step-by-step guides making it easy for you to apply.

Do I have to radically change my life?  

Niet. I have a fulfilling career with no intentions of leaving it. You will learn simple strategies you can use for any trip and lifestyle. From the key barriers that make travel cost prohibitive to the seven factors that play a hand in any travel deal. Everything isn’t for everyone, but everyone will find dozens of tips, tools and strategies that work for them. 

Do I have to be young, free-spirited and single?  

Nein. This book has something for everyone. Whether you're a business traveler, student, retiree or taking a family vacation, you will learn practical ways to fund your travels and offset your travel costs. Whether its partaking in events for a cause, getting free travel by organizing group trips or starting a travel writing business to offset your costs, it's all here.

What if I can already afford to travel?  

Those who have the most money are at the highest risk of leaving too much on the table. Not only will you save money, you’ll have fun doing it and will want to brag about how you’re saving it.

Must I live like a pauper?   

Au contraire. You can travel on your own terms for what it cost to stay home and watch travel shows without sacrificing your lifestyle.